Eric Chen

Eric Chen

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I'm currently a masters student at MIT's CSAIL researching robotics with Prof. Pulkit Agrawal. I'm specifically interested in intrinsic motivation, and its application to continual learning. I grew up in Berkeley CA, and did my undergraduate at MIT where I double majored in Physics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In my free time I like fixing bikes, playing the piano, and spending time with my family!


Curiosity Baselines Codebase CNN Limitations on Global Tasks Study of Intrinsic Motivation in the Context of Robotic Push Tasks Trajectory Optimization on an Autonomous Boat Safe Simulation to Real World Transfer for an RL Agent Meta-learning Algorithms Dynamic Motion Planning using Lazy Heuristics Autonomous RC Car Patient Monitor Recorder with OCR Crowdsourcing Platform for Rapid Disease Diagnostics Chemical Assays with Swarm Robots Physics JLab